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Ceramic Incense Burner - Details Here !! (Gassho Praying Hands Design)
Incense Burner, $65
Details Here




Large wooden Buddha statues, standing or sitting on lotus petal

Praying Hands - Folds open/shut to reveal two deities inside

Pocket-sized Zodiac Amulets; Buddhist Protectors of the Zodiac

Miniature Wooden Statuette

Large = $170
Standing or Sitting

Praying Hands = $75
Hand Size with Two Deities

Zodiac Amulets = $45
Pocket Sized Carvings

Miniatures = $49
Thumbsized Statues






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Red String Amulets

Pocket Amulets with

Pocket Amulets w/o



Sanskrit Seed $85

Sanskrit Seed $80

The site was significantly updated in 2009, and many new styles were added. In addition, product pages were improved to make it easier to shop. Thus, this page (the page you are viewing) is out of date and will no longer be updated. Instead, please visit the Amulets Catalog Page, the Large Statues Page, the Select by Price Page, or view the What's New Page to learn about new additions and styles.

Our regular lineup of hand-carved Buddhist deities are based on templates and standardized styles. Nonetheless, each statue is unique, for the very nature of handicraft production means that slight variations will occur in every carving. Thus, the statue you order will not look "exactly" like the photo in our estore. We inspect all pieces for artistic merit and quality before shipping to the customer, and refuse to sell inferior carvings. We handle numerous Buddhist deities (see column at left), and offer most deities in two or three different styles. Our mainstay styles are shown below.    

  1. Bodhisattva with Hands in Veneration (Praying) MudraLarge Standing-or-Sitting Style (Wood)
  2. Hand-Size Folding Style; Praying-Hands Shape Opens/Closes (Wood)
  3. Pocket-Size Zodiac Amulet Style (Wood)
  4. Thumb-Size Miniature Style (Wood)
  5. Some Deities are Available in Glassware or Powdered Forms
  6. We also offer treasures discovered at Flea Markets throughout Asia

ICONOGRAPHY AND ARTISANS. Our regular offerings are hand-carved both in China and Japan, but most are crafted by master artisans in China, a nation that has enormously influenced the development of Buddhist art and faith in Japan. Even so, Japan's artistic sensibilities are different from those of China, and we have commissioned the carving of our statues for the Japanese market. Thus, the iconography of our regular lineup closely reflects the Buddhist artistic traditions of the Japanese, not the Chinese. Details about each item are presented on the product pages, so you always know what you are buying. Finally, we occasionally find wonderful statues at flea markets in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. These latter statues are offered in the Flea Market section. They are not based on template designs, nor offered again once sold.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER. If you cannot find the Buddhist statue you desire in our eStore, but would like to inquire about its availability, please ask. We can either locate or commission the carving of the statue. Please bear in mind that such statues typically cost more than our regular offerings. We will inform you of statue availability, time required, size options, wood options, and pricing. You will be given the opportunity to proceed with your customized order or to decline our offer. Please be patient. It may take one or two weeks before we can determine product availability for customized orders. To contact us with customization inquiries, click here.

Large Statues Carved from White Fir

Since July 2007, we have added many other large statues. These beautiful statues, made of white fir, are intricately carved and very lightweight. They range in height from around 10 inches to 12 inches. They come in three to four pegged pieces for easy assembly: (1) the halo or aureole; (2) the pedestal; (3) the hands for certain statues; and (4) the Buddha statue. In most cases, the Buddha statue can be removed from the pedestal and replaced with other statues in your collection. These carvings closely reflect the Buddhist artistic traditions of Japan.

Approx. $170 each. We currently offer the following deities, and plan to add more over time. 

Large Buddha Statues - Examples of Some Statues at Our Estore

Praying Hands Buddhist Wood Carving - Folding Form with Two Deities Inside

This lovely praying-hand design folds open to reveal two deities inside. Intricately carved and finely balanced. The praying-hands model is perhaps the best deal overall at our eStore in terms of price, size, artistic merit, and the personal pleasure it brings. Approx. $75 each. We currently offer the following combinations, and plan to add more. 


  • Inches = 3.35 (H) x 4.13 (W) x 1.97 (D)
  • Centimeters = 8.5 (H) x 10.5 (W) x 5.0 (D)
  • Comes as one piece that is hinged at back
  • Latch (or pin) at front for easy opening/closing
  • Very lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Carved for a Japanese audience. 

Praying Hands Model; One of our most popular statue types

Zodiac Amulets -- Eight Buddhist Protectors Guard the 12 Zodiac Signs

Since July 2007, we have added many other amulet styles. Delicately carved amulets of the Buddhist Protectors of the Zodiac. There are eight deities who protect the 12 Zodiac signs, with each deity protecting one (or two) Zodiac symbols. Click here to find your Zodiac animal based on your year of birth. Approx. $45 each.

  1. View all Eight Amulets on one page
  2. Amida Buddha (Dog & Boar)
  3. Dainichi Buddha (Sheep & Monkey)
  4. Fudo Myo-o (Rooster)
  5. Fugen Bodhisattva (Dragon & Snake)
  6. Kannon Bodhisattva (Rat)
  7. Kokuzo Bodhisattva (Ox & Tiger)
  8. Monju Bodhisattva (Rabbit)
  9. Seishi Bodhisattva (Horse)


  • Inches = 2.36 (H) x 1.77 (W) x 0.43 (D)
  • Centimeters = 6.0 (H) x 4.5 (W) x 1.1 (D)
  • Two pieces: (1) protective cover with deity's Sanskrit seed syllable on outside and Japanese name on inside; (2) main piece with deity's effigy; no assembly required
  • Both pieces snap together snugly for compact and safe storage; extremely lightweight
  • Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket
  • Carved for a Japanese market

1000 Armed Kannon Bodhisattva, Zodiac Protector of People Born in the Year of the Rat



Miniature Buddha Statues


Since July 2007, we have added many other miniature styles.

These delightful miniature hand-crafted carvings come in two pieces: (1) the rounded protective cap, on which is carved the deity's Sanskrit seed syllable; and (2) the main piece depicting the deity's effigy atop a circular base. Approx. $49 each. We currently offer the following deities: 


  • Inches = 1.97 (H) x 1.38 (W) x 1.38 (D)
  • Centimeters = 5 (H) x 3.5 (W) x 3.5 (D)
  • No assembly required
  • Carved for a Japanese audience

Yakushi Buddha, the Buddha of Medicine and Healing



Powder Form Statues -- Made using water, powder, and template



These charming statues are formed in a template mold using water and powder. One solid piece, approximately 2.5 inches to 3.0 inches in height. Regretably, the artist has stopped making them. Only one remains available. See list below.

Approximately $60 each.


  • Japanese artisan, Kamakura, Japan
  • One piece
  • No assembly required
Jizo Bosatsu with Prayer Stone atop Head



Glassware available at


These glassware dragons come from Thailand. One solid piece. Approx. $70 each. We offer three pieces by this artist, and plan to add more in the future.


  • Artisan from Thailand
  • One piece; no assembly required

Handmade Dragon Glassware from Thailand



Flea Markets -- One-of-a-Kind Statues and Antiques from Japan, China, and SE Asia

The products in the Flea Market section were discovered at various markets in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. They are one-of-a-kind statues, and thus their price is generally higher than our regular products.

Once sold, these unique statues will no longer be available. In contrast, our regular statues are made from template models, and are reproduced (re-carved) whenever we receive an order.


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