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Sanpshot View of This Deity

Exquisite Auspicious One; Glorious One with Melodious Voice; regarded as wisest bodhisattva

Monju 文殊
Monjushiri 文殊師利
Manjushiri 曼殊室利
Myōkichijō 妙吉祥

Wén shū

Manjusri, Manjushri, MañjuŚrī, Manju = beautiful; Sri = good fortune & virtue


Jam pal, Jam-dpal, Jam pal yang, Jam pal tsan chu

Red-String Amulet
Monju Bosatsu, Lord of Wisdom, Voice of the Law
Patron of Calligraphers and Students
Zodiac Guardian for People Born in Year of the Rabbit

PRICE = $30
+ $20 Shipping x 5% Tax = GRAND TOTAL $52.50

Monju Bosatsu (Monju Bodhisattva)
Jp. = Monju Bosatsu, Ch. = Wén shū Púsà

Wonderful and intricate carving of Monju with protective cap. The top of the statue has a small hole, allowing you to insert a string or other cord to connect the piece to your cell phone, car mirror, or anything you like. 

  • Wood = Boxwood (Jp. = Tsuge), Finely Carved, Very Lightweight
  • Centimeters = 4.3 (H) x 2.5 (W) x 1.0 (T)
  • Two pieces: (1) protective cap and (2) main piece with the deity's effigy; both pieces snap together snuggly for compact storage.
  • Monju's right hand holds sword of wisdom to cut through ignorance and dispel the darkness of the deluded mind; in left holds Monju holds the Sutra of Wisdom outlining the virtues one must practice to attain enlightenment 
  • See Monju background notes for more details on this deity.

Monju Bosatsu Red-String Amulet
Also serves as patron
for people born in the
Year of the Rabbit

1915, 1927
1939, 1951, 1963
1975, 1987, 1999
See Zodiac Page
for more details

Monju Bosatsu Red-String Amulet
Monju Red-String Amulet

Size - Boxwood Amulet with String
Size of Amulet with String

Size - Boxwood Amulet with String
Size of Amulet with String = Thickness of 1 cm

Amulet Size with Red String
Amulet comes in two pieces, attached by red string.
Above is example of amulet size (example deity is not Monju).
Monju piece comes in same size and same two-piece design.


Monju Bosatsu Mini Tower

Monju Bosatsu Zodiac Amulet

Monju Bosatsu Red-String Amulet

Monju Bosatsu Zodiac Amulet

Midsize Cypress Wood Buddha Statue of Monju Bodhisattva

Monju Bosatsu Statue inside Tabernacle (Zushi)







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