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PRICE: $61
Miniature Zushi (Tabernacle)
+ $20 Shipping x 5% Tax = GRAND TOTAL $85.05

  • Wood = Boxwood (Jp. = Tsuge)
  • Zushi = H 11.7 cm W 6.0 cm Depth 4.3 cm
  • Doors of Zushi can be opened or closed
  • Statues that will fit inside: MAX H = 6.5 cm, W = 5.6.0 cm, D = 3.8 cm
  • Price does not include the statue
  • We also offer midsize and large Zushi.

Fugen Bosatsu Inside Zushi (Tabernacle)

mini zushi, front, tabernacle
Front View

mini zushi, side view, tabernacle
Side View

mini zushi, side view, tabernacle
Side View

mini zushi, back, tabernacle
Back View

We currently offer the below "statue + zushi" sets for $160 each.
To learn more and/or buy these sets, please see the following pages:

Mini Bishamonten and Zushi Set
$160, Bishamonten

Fugen inside Zushi
$160, Fugen Bodhisattva

Mini Sanmen Daikoku Zushi Set
$160, Sanmen Daikokuten

Mini Sho-Kannon & Zushi Set
$160, Kannon Bodhisattva

Statues that Fit Inside the Mini Zushi (Tabernacle) include Bishamonten, Fugen, Daikokuten, and KannonBishamontenFugen Bodhisattva (Jp. = Bosatsu)Sanmen DaikokutenSho Kannon

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