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Sanpshot View of This Deity

Earth Treasury, Earth Womb, Savior from Hell's Torments, Protector of Children, Expectant Mothers, Firemen, Travelers, Pilgrims, Others

Jizo Bosatsu
Jizō Bosatsu

Dìzàng Púsà



Sai nying po

Koyasu Jizō 子安地蔵, Easy Childbirth Jizō

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Jizo Bodhisattva (Jp. = Bosatsu)
Jp. = Jizō Bosatsu, Ch. = Dìzàng Púsà

  • Wood = Cypress (Jp. = Hinoki).
  • Centimeters = H 28 cm, Front to Back 9.8 cm, Side to Side 9.8 cm
  • Koyasu Jizō (lit. = Easy Childbirth Jizō). This form of Jizō grants easy and safe delivery to woman, and in modern times is often depicted holding a child, or with children in his lap or at his feet. Koyasu Jizō is venerated at numerous temples throughout Japan, including Tatsueji Temple 立江寺 in Shikoku, which was built in 747 by order of Emperor Shōmu 聖武 (reigned 724 to 749). The emperor also ordered the construction of a Jizō statue, which was called the Koyasu-no-Jizō, and prayed to it to grant easy childbirth to the pregnant crown princess. The famed monk Kōbō Daishi 弘法大師 (774-835) reportedly later visited the temple and made a larger statue, which thereafter became the temple's central idol. <Source: Temple records plus the Garan Kaiki Ki 伽藍開基記 (1689, Ch. VII, p. 2), translated as "Records of the Founding of Buddhist Temples.">
  • Another notable example is Koyasuzan Obitoke-dera 子安山帯解寺 (Temple for Loosening the Girdle, i.e. granting easy birth) in Nara. It houses a Kamakura-era statue of Koyasu Jizō, considered the oldest extant Koyasu Jizō image in Japan. This temple was built in 851 by Fujiwara no Akiko 藤原彰子, the consort of Emperor Montoku 文徳天皇, to honor Jizō for helping her survive a long and difficult pregnancy. The child later became Japan's first boy emperor <Source>
  • It is quite logical that Jizō was associated early on with women, pregnancy, fertility, and children -- for Jizō can be translated literally as "Womb of the Earth" (JI 地 = earth, ZŌ 蔵 = womb). Along with Kannon Bosatsu (Goddess of Mercy), Jizō is considered a savior par-excellance for women and children, and numerous forms of Jizō are thus venerated by women praying for children, easy delivery, help with child rearing, and other female concerns.
  • Additionally, Jizō incorporates many of the functions of Koyasu-sama (aka Koyasu-gami), the Shintō goddess of pregnancy, safe childbirth, and the healthy growth and development of children.
  • Jizo Bodhisattva is one of Japan's most beloved deities. Jizo traditionally carries a six-ringed staff in right hand, representing the realms of karmic rebirth (reincarnation); shakes rings on staff to awaken us from delusion, to help us break free from the karmic chain of rebirth and suffering; in left hand holds wish-granting jewel, which bestows blessings on all who suffer; it grants wishes, pacifies desires, and brings clear understanding of Buddhist Law. Learn more about Jizo.

Koyasu Jizo - Japanese Cypress Wood

Koyasu Jizo

Koyasu Jizo - Japanese Cypress Wood

Closeup Jizo

Side View of Jizoback view of Jizo BosatsuSide View of Jizo

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